Blue Lotus Retreat

An event dedicated to helping you live your healthiest and most fulfilling life.

September 2023 | Blue Ridge Mountains of GA

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Who Should Attend?

The Blue Lotus Retreat is an intimate women only event designed for the professional woman who needs an awakening. If you are over 35 and looking to show up with more confidence, purpose, and style this retreat is the rebirth that you need. Become unstoppable!

A tribe for professional Christian women who need a breakthrough

Food for Mind Body and Soul

The retreat includes daily and healthy meals. All meals are freshly prepared and served in our private home which has breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Our chefs aims to nourish and please the palate of everyone. The chef uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and offers many meat-free and vegan options.

What is a lotus?

A water lotus is a beautiful fragrant flower with exotic foliage that steals the spotlight of any
pond. It is exotic, majestic, and dramatic (in a subtle way) and has a deep history beyond its
beauty. The lotus is commonly used as a symbol of rebirth and strength. Because the lotus rises
from the mud without stains, it is often viewed as a symbol of purity; washed clean. The lotus
flower symbolizes rising from a dark place into beauty, strength, and rebirth. Are you a lotus?

How does a lotus grow?

The lotus is rooted in the mud. Its lengthy stems reach upward to find the top of the water.
There, the lush blossoms grow, and as the lotus blooms, the blossoms unfold one by one. Petal
by petal, each one emerges pristine from the murky water thanks to a protective outer coating
that repels dirt and water. These day-blooming plants submerge and close up at night and
reawaken above the water every morning. Are you growing like a lotus?

Why become a member of "the Dr. Linda’s" Blue Lotus Community?

The rarest of all loutus flowers is the blue lotus. The Dr. Linda is a blue lotus! She is known as someone

whose beautiful fragrance of leadership, confidence, and style steals the spotlight when she enters a room.

Then life experiences threw her into the mud. She started to take root there. She began losing motivation,
confidence, self-esteem, prosperity, strength, and more. But, by the grace of God, she was able
to reach upward through the mud and above the water and regain it all. It was a process. Like the lotus,

she rose from the murky water and began to bloom petal by petal. Now, The Dr. Linda has developed a process

to help other women do the same. It’s time for your awakening. Become a part of the Blue Lotus Community today!

What Is Transformation?

Transformation takes time, discipline, and commitment. But you can do it and we can help! There are other women who go by the name Dr. Linda. But “the“ Dr. Linda is a certified relationship specialist, coach, author, and speaker who has spent close to 30 years transforming millions of lives. She is a warm and compassionate woman full of energy for you. The Dr. Linda has cultivated her education, her lived experiences, and her gifts of identifying challenges, analyzing their root cause, and determining the right approach to solve them.

The Dr. Linda has created a team of coaches who share her dedication and commitment for empowering women. These coaches help facilitate a variety of experiences to meet various needs. The Blue Lotus is the premier package for professional women who are over 40 and single again. It is the only package that begins with a retreat facilitated by the Dr. Linda.  Once you attend the retreat and become a member of the Blue Lotus community you will feel and look great as you walk in purpose, confidence, and style.

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Getting Started

4:00 PM Until


Welcome & Refreshments

 Opening Session

  • Introspection
  • Clarity around your wants and desires




Free time or Fellowship



Digging Deep

7:30 AM Until


Morning Yoga/Breakfast


  • Identifying limiting beliefs and past hurts
  • Learning to heal what hurts


Lunch & Free Time



  • Learning how others see you
  • Polishing up your leadership, confidence, and style so you shine


Free time or Fellowship


Next Steps

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM




  • Learning to get love, give love, and live love!




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